About us

Who we are

The Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust is a body corporate established by Act of Parliament.


  • to preserve  and promote Tamil art and culture

  • to promote the study  of Tamil

  • to manage the Centre

  • to   collect,  publish   and   disseminate information pertaining to Tamil art and culture

  • organise  lectures, seminars, training, workshops,  exhibitions and any other  activities which will  lead to a better  understanding of Tamil art and culture

  • to  establish   useful   links   with  organisations engaged  in  similar activities locally  and internationally

Misson / Vision

To enrich the lives of Mauritian-Tamil citizens through cultural experience, expression and participation and to support the growth and development of our arts and heritage as a vital part of our community’s economic, educational and social fabric.”



Tamil Culture Sustainability

  • Preserving Cultural heritage for future generations

  • Right to Creativity

  • Public Trust

  • Intra/Inter-Cultural Harmony & Symbiosis

  • Financially Sustainable



  • Engage

  • Re-Invent Customer Cultural Relationship

  • Bring Culture to Everyone, Anytime ,Anywhere

  • Agregate

  • Build capabilities to achieve excellence

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Mauritius Tamil Cultural Center Trust

Founded on August, 2001

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