Books & Literature

The quintessence of Tamil language-written and spoken is portrayed in its books and literature. First, Sangam literature eludes on a range of emotional and wordly topics. For instance, the Eight Anthologies known as Etthutokai form part of the most striking works of art. The Thirukkural juxtaposes virtue against hedonism-providing an overarching overview of life claiming its title as a universal book.


Additionally, epic poems such as ‘’Silapadikaram’’ reckoned amongst epic masterpieces of the world is endowed with great lyrical content and qualifies as the singular Tamil genre: Iyal-Isai-Nadagam(Literature-Music-Drama).


Besides, the school of Bhakti literature delineates the significance of true faith  and responds flawlessly to our existentialist qualms.


The divine work of Thirugnasambandar, Thirunyavukarasar, Suntharar, Manickavasagar and other Nayanmas illustrate the essence of the cycle of life and death, as well as the Saiva Sidantha describing a shrewd philosophical system.


In line with this the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust remains actively involved in dispensing courses aimed at disseminating these precious literary knowledge.

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