Tamil music prevails since many eras. Classical poems of Sangam literature were musical. Also Saiva saints integrated music in their compositions. Pann and melodic hymns employed conspicuously by Saivite Saints in their Tevaram and also present in Thurumurai but was also noticeable in the chants of Vaishnavite Alvars.


Moreover, Carnatic music was later becoming widespread in Southern India. The bedrock of Carnatic music composes of the sruti (musical pitch), swara (sound of a note), rage (mode), talam (rhythmic revolution). Also this musical genre welcomes a plethora of adjuncts,vocalist and instruments such as: violin, mridagam, tempura, ghatam, kanjira, morsing, venu flute,veena and chitraveena.

Moreover, folk music stays often accompanied by an urumee or nadeswaram. The Mauritius Tamil Central Center Trust (MTCCT) has always been dispensing vocal Carnatic, musical instruments and dance formation to sustain the preservation of this valuable gift and ensure the salutary effect of music is shared.

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