The awe-inspiring painting patterns, vibrant colours, subtle and striking shades truly embody the uniqueness of Tamil culture’s paintings. Tanjavur painting style is lauded as a classical South Indian painting style existing since 1600 AD. This distinctive style stands denoted through special techniques, through lustruous colours, delicate drawings, golden foils placed on the unbleached fabric intermixed with glue and chalk powder to create an iconic piece of work which is embellished and ornate with semi-precious stones. South Indian painting took a liking on depicting Devotional icons of Hindu gods and snippets from historical and religious scriptures.


Additionally, art and craft always predominated Tamil culture;this is testified through interesting mandalas known as “Kolam”. This special drawing style uses rice, flour, chalk, white rock powder to designed twisted and symmetrical patterns that brim with vibrant colours to augur festivity or attract prosperity

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